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  • 6 Effects of Stress on Older Adults

    Stress is a part of our lives no matter how we try to avoid it, and it can be affecting your health in a variety of ways. The most common stress symptoms include headaches, fatigue, sleeping issues (s ... READ MORE

  • Free Technology Training for Seniors

    Many baby boomers aging into Medicare are well-acquainted with technology, but older seniors may not have had access to the same innovation and tools in the workplace. Older adults who may have retire ... READ MORE

  • Foot Pain Causes & Relief

    Foot pain at any age can be frustrating. You don’t realize just how much walking you do on any given day until your feet start hurting. We all experience it from time to time. A long day at work, twel ... READ MORE

  • Government Benefits You May Not Know About

    You may be familiar with the more well-known government benefits available for seniors, such as Social Security and Medicare, but you might be surprised to learn about some senior assistance programs ... READ MORE

  • 8 Ways Technology Can Reduce Stress

    It can be argued that technology has added some stress to our lives. In our professional and social lives, innovation has made it easier to connect with other people – but this can be a blessing and a ... READ MORE

  • Second Career Ideas for Retirees

    The idea of “retirement” used to invoke images of an unhurried lifestyle, filled with leisurely strolls, reading a book on the front porch, or quiet days spent gardening. Times have certainly changed! ... READ MORE

  • Common Sleep Disorders in Older Adults

    We’ve all had sleepless nights. You get out of bed the next day feeling exhausted, frazzled, and stressed, but you muddle through. If the sleeplessness continues for days, your body’s response gets mo ... READ MORE

  • Medicare Coverage for Diet, Exercise, & Weight Loss

    Staying committed to healthy eating and regular physical fitness is even more important as we age. As we get older, we are faced with changes we can’t avoid. Loss of muscle tissue, bone density, and j ... READ MORE

  • Smart Canes, Walkers, & Wheelchairs to Empower Mobility

    Innovative technology has changed our lives by making daily tasks easier than ever before. The tech market has introduced products like security cameras, cookware, and drones that can be controlled by ... READ MORE

  • Factors That Contribute to Cognitive Aging

    Misplaced car keys. The longer-than-usual search for the car in a mall parking lot. Walking into a room wondering what we came in there for in the first place. It happens to all of us at one time or a ... READ MORE

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