19 Classic Valentine's Day Movies You'll Love

19 Classic Valentine's Day Movies You'll Love

Those red-foil-wrapped heart boxes have started to show up on the grocery store shelves. You know what that means - it’s almost Valentine’s Day. Whether you have a special Valentine in mind, or just enjoy celebrating a holiday that focuses on love (and chocolate!), what better way is there to get in the holiday mood than by watching some classic Valentine’s Day movies?

No need to go dig through your old Valentine’s videos. With streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, you can have access to hundreds of classic Valentine’s Day movies at any time of the day or night. Some may be very familiar to you - and you may have to stop yourself from speaking the actor’s lines along with them -  while others may be brand new to you. If you feel like revisiting an old favorite or want to embrace a new story of love and romance, plan a relaxing night in with a movie that will get you in the spirit of the holiday.

No matter your age, Valentine’s movies can capture your heart, make you cry, or have you giggling. Grab your popcorn, a date, or a few friends and break out your all-time favorite Valentine’s Day movies.

The Epic Date Night

If you are looking for an epic love story to play out on-screen, there are lots of films to choose from. You may want to keep the tissues handy just in case these movies have you catching “all the feels.” 

  • The Notebook - What is more romantic than a life-long love? Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams bring the story of Noah and Allie to life, and may inspire you to start writing down your stories, too.
  • Titanic - Most of us know how this one ends, but the iconic film is filled with unforgettable moments of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet falling in love aboard the doomed cruise ship. Jack and Rose will inspire you, and possibly make you wonder why she couldn’t have just moved over a little. 
  • Ghost - Take a trip back to 1990 and revisit the romantic fantasy of Sam’s ghost staying behind to make sure his love, Molly, is safe from the man who murdered him. Complemented by Whoopi Goldberg’s classic humor and heart, this movie is truly timeless.

Valentine’s Movies Fit for a Fairy Tale

With a royal wedding hitting the headlines, it’s always fun to imagine the happily ever after of a fairy tale. 

  • Princess Bride - The story of Princess Buttercup finding her true love is always a great choice for new couples. With lots of laughs along the way, this movie will have you and your date quoting your favorite lines to each other for weeks.
  • Beauty & The Beast – While the animated version of this film was great for the kids, the updated movie featuring Emma Watson brings the love story of a cursed prince and beautiful village girl to life for everyone. The romance and whimsy of the film will have you celebrating true love.
  • Penelope - This magical story about Penelope, born with a pig’s ears and snout, is the perfect heart-warming fairy tale filled with magic and wonder to share with your special Valentine. Along with the love story, it has a feel-good lesson about how to handle adversity.

A Magical, Musical Night 

  • La La Land – You can’t miss this award winning musical starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. You and your date will get caught up in the jazz music and will be practicing your dance moves in the living room.
  • Enchanted – Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey turn this Disney masterpiece, complete with magical animals and impromptu dance routines in the middle of Central Park, into a believable and modern New York love story. It will have you and your Valentine skipping and strolling together in no time.
  • Grease – The classic tale of Danny and Sandy is always fun for any date or girls movie night, especially when you and your Valentine or friends can sing along to all your favorite songs.

 The Lines Worth Repeating 

  • Jerry Maguire - With one of the most iconic lines from movie history, who wouldn’t want to watch Tom Cruise tell Renée Zellweger “You complete me.” With Jerry’s role as a sports agent, and a heart-felt performance by Cuba Gooding Jr. shouting, “Show me the money!” even your man will enjoy this one.
  • Sweet Home Alabama - Why do you want to marry me anyhow? “So I can kiss you anytime I want.” This movie might be perfect for an engaged couple – and may inspire a kiss on a beach in a thunderstorm.
  • The Fault in Our Stars - “It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you.” This tear-jerker is clearly for a Valentine night with someone you don’t mind “ugly-crying” in front of!

Never-Too-Late Love Stories

  • Crazy Stupid Love – There’s nothing like a multi-generational story that reminds us that at any age, love can be confusing, exhilarating, and frustrating – but in the end, your soul-mate is still waiting out there for you.
  • Seventeen Again – When a divorcee bitter with his life choices gets the opportunity to re-live his glory days, he realizes that he doesn’t want to lose the life he had with his high school sweetheart. This sweet story will remind everyone to really examine their life choices and appreciate what they’ve had all along.

 Girls Night In

  • Bridesmaids – If you and your girlfriends want a funny, wild movie to watch with a bottle of wine or two, Bridesmaids will be the perfect choice. Laugh the night away with your favorite people – and don’t forget to break out some Valentine candy!
  • Pitch Perfect – The “aca-awesome” performances in the original movie (or its sequel) will have you and your girlfriends singing and dancing, and you’ll be empowered by the sisterhood on the screen. Grab a few plastic cups to try to sing along…and get ready to laugh!

Classic Rom-Com 

  • When Harry Met Sally – This 80’s movie may seem like an old-school choice, but Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal will have you falling in love along with them. 
  • The Proposal – The unexpected relationship between Andrew and his uppity boss is surprising and sweet in this Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds film. You and your Valentine will appreciate the humor and hope in this funny but romantic movie.
  • Because I Said So -  Before Mandy Moore stole our heart in the popular “This is Us,” she starred alongside Diane Keaton in “Because I Said So,” a story of a mother’s well-meaning interference in her daughter’s love life.

With so many options, take a peek at a few of the funniest, heart-warming, and sometimes gut-wrenching Valentine’s Day films. Pick a good one and stay in for a movie date with your favorite Valentine.