How To Be Healthy and Active During Winter

How To Be Healthy and Active During Winter

Cold weather and fewer hours of sunshine can put a damper on the most active lifestyle, but the winter months can offer different opportunities to work on your overall fitness and well-being. All of those resolutions we made at the start of the new year can seem unreachable, but with a little bit of planning, we can still achieve the health goals we have set for ourselves.

With shorter days, it can seem daunting to get up and work out when the sun isn’t even shining, or to find energy to get moving after the sun had already set on a long day, but if you work full-time, the early morning or evening may be your only options. If you like to exercise in the morning, try getting to bed earlier so that the alarm clock doesn’t seem quite as jarring in the early hours. In the evenings, try to eat a healthy snack on the way home from work so you can get moving as soon as you get home.

Make getting ready easy, no matter what time of day it is.  Keep comfortable clothes and shoes in one place so you don’t get frustrated trying to find things. You don’t want to be tempted to crawl back into bed or find a comfortable spot on the sofa. Take time to eat a healthy breakfast or healthy snack, even if it’s a quick one, before you work out. Your body needs the energy it will provide, and will jump start your metabolism. 

If bad weather keeps you from outdoor activities, try creating a work out routine in your home. You don’t need an expensive home gym in order to get moving. Instead, use things you already have access to, like fitness videos, websites, a flight of stairs, and common household items (such as using water bottles as weights).

If you can find time during the day to focus on your fitness, take advantage of the sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures. Invite a friend to join you for a walk, hike, or trip to a local fitness class. Staying active is easier when you have someone to motivate you and keep you company.

As with any fitness routine, make sure you discuss your plans and goals with your physician before starting any exercise.