How to Stay Healthy After 60

How to Stay Healthy After 60

Age is just a number, but we can all agree that as we get older, it might take a little more work to stay fit and healthy. Staying committed to an active lifestyle and a well-balanced diet, staying aware of any changes in your physical or mental well-being, and scheduling wellness visits with your doctor can all contribute to your good health after 60.

Your Active Lifestyle

It’s likely that at 60 years old, you may still be juggling a hectic schedule that includes the demands of a busy career. It’s more important than ever to stay committed to exercising daily:

  • Stretch at home, or consider a yoga class, which can offer specific balance exercises for seniors to help maintain the core muscles that will help prevent falls.
  • A brisk walk before or after work can help if you can’t get to the gym or a local fitness center. Warm up with simple stretches before a more rigorous hike.
  • Incorporate your fitness routine into your work day, even if you find yourself sitting at a desk for most of the day. Explore ways to stretch and build strength from your chair. Chair exercises for seniors can seem simple, but leg and arm exercises can keep you flexible, strengthen individual muscles, and improve circulation.

A Well-Balanced Diet

A healthy diet for seniors includes many of the same healthy foods we should be consuming at any age, including lean proteins, whole grains, and colorful fruits and vegetables. As we age, it’s important to incorporate foods with calcium and vitamin D to maintain strong bones. Low fat yogurt, cheese, and skim milk, can help prevent osteoporosis.

Mental Health 

Your mental health is just as vital as your physical well-being, and as we age we can be susceptible to memory loss, cognitive decline, trouble concentrating, and depression. Physical activity can help contribute to good mental health, but keeping your brain challenged daily and engaging socially with others will help too.  It’s important to recognize the signs of any changes in your mental health so that you can address the issues with your physician. 

Wellness Visits with Your Doctor

It’s important to stay in touch with your doctor, even when you are feeling good. Schedule yearly check-ups to build a relationship with your physician. Once you are enrolled in Medicare at 65 years of age, or younger if you have certain disabilities, you can take advantage of the “Welcome to Medicare” preventive exam, and yearly “wellness” visits.