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HealthCompare is a new way - a better way - for you to find health insurance. We realize that choosing a health insurance plan can be complicated, confusing, and difficult. We want to change that and not simply by providing you with clear, easy access to hundreds of plans online like we already do. We want to lead you through the process and help you find the right health insurance plan at the right price for your specific needs, whether it's individual health insurance or family health insurance.

We accomplish this by speaking simply and with respect, and by having an appreciation for the fact that you can buy insurance elsewhere. More importantly, it means listening.

We take the time upfront to learn about you. Your needs, your budget, and your medical history come first. Once we've gotten to know you, we research and present only those personalized health insurance quotes that best match your specific needs.

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Products We Offer

  • Individual & Family Insurance

    We know that the health care needs for you and your family is a top priority – and finding health care coverage you can afford is crucial. HealthCompare can help you choose Individual and Family Health Insurance that will protect your family and your future.

  • Accident Insurance

    Accidents can and do happen – Why not be prepared. Don’t let unexpected medical costs get in the way of your plans for the future. Find coverage today that can help protect you and your family from the unexpected.

  • Dental Insurance

    Keep your smile healthy with the right dental coverage. Have you been neglecting your dental needs due to the high cost of dentistry? Find out how affordable it is to keep you and your family healthy with a leading dental plan.

  • Vision Insurance

    Caring for your eyes is important at every age. But it’s often overlooked as part of your overall health. Like other parts of your body, your eyes change as you get older.

  • Limited Medical

    Sometimes a little health care coverage goes a long way towards protecting you and your family. Are you looking for lower cost alternatives to Major Medical plans? If so, Limited Medical may be perfect for you and your family.

  • Short Term

    Experiencing a gap in health care coverage can be costly and stressful. If you are looking for a plan to cover you and your family’s needs, but don’t need a plan for the long term check out our short term options.

  • Life Insurance

    Protecting Your Family’s Future When You Are Not There Life Insurance – Taking care of your loved ones is important to you. Consider a plan that will help you provide for their future.

  • Medicare

    Anyone who has gone through the process of making Medicare Insurance coverage choices knows how challenging it can be. How can you compare plans and find the one that truly meets your needs? The answer is HealthCompare.

Advice & Articles

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