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  • Keep Your Children Healthy in Day Care

    It’s easy to keep our children healthy and safe at home where we have control of their environment. We make them nutritious, immunity-boosting meals and keep them in germ-free surroundings, doing ever ... READ MORE

  • Chickenpox: Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

    Chickenpox used to be considered one of those childhood diseases that everyone seemed to get. It was a universally shared experience, and people told stories about how old they were when they got chic ... READ MORE

  • Top 10 Ways To Fit Exercise Into Your Schedule

    Whether you have a hectic work schedule, a busy family, or a variety of obligations, finding time to focus on your own health can seem impossible. We know that exercising each day can positively impac ... READ MORE

  • Head Injuries – How To Avoid Long Term Consequences For Kids and Adults

    The long-term effects of concussions have become a widely discussed topic in the world of professional sports recently, but any attention given to the long-term consequences of head injuries is an imp ... READ MORE

  • Retirement Saving In Your 50's

    Now that you’re celebrating being 50-something, retirement is finally within your sights. Now is the time to focus on your future and embrace opportunities that will ultimately help you reach your fin ... READ MORE

  • Keeping Your Family Safe and Healthy Over the Summer

    We wait all year for summer to arrive. The warm weather and sunshine inspire us to go outside and enjoy time with friends and family, and hopefully, we have some vacation days saved to enjoy while the ... READ MORE

  • About HealthCompare

    HealthCompare is a new way – a better way – for you to find health insurance. We realize that choosing a health insurance plan can be complicated, confusing, and difficult. We want to change that and ... READ MORE

  • Why Start Planning for Retirement Early?

    It’s hard to consider retirement when you are establishing your career or starting a family, but life has a way of creeping up on you. Years go by, and before you know it, you are looking at retiremen ... READ MORE

  • Eating Healthy While Dining Out

    Eating healthy at home is enough of a challenge for most of us, but at least we have control of the ingredients we use and the way our food is cooked. Dining out is a different story. Aside from facin ... READ MORE

  • Depression Awareness & Treatment

    Depression can be difficult to diagnose because many of us experience times of sadness or anxiety. Life can be stressful, and it’s healthy to react to difficult times with honest emotion, but how do y ... READ MORE

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